Today is the first day of my 14 week journey to lose 25 pounds. My strategies will include a keto diet intermittent fasting weight loss regime.

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My plan includes counting my macros. For the carb count, only total carbs, not net carbs, will apply. As far as over all macro goals? I am going with 70-75% fat, 25% (ish) protein and under 5% carbs. Again that is total carbs not net carbs. Dr. Westman says if you want to get there faster use total carb count.

Protocol: Keto Diet Intermittent Fasting Weight Loss With Hypothyroidism

Because I am already in ketosis my body knows how to use fat. If you are just starting the keto diet with hypothyoidism you might want to read over this article first. My protocol involves 16 hours of fasting with 8 hour window of feeding. This might shrink during times when I don’t have to feed the family.

Keto Diet with intermittent fasting for weight loss with hypothyroidism. The beginning of a 14 week journey to lose 25 pounds. #thyroidhealth #loseweightwithhypothyroidism #intermittentfasting @thyroidtreatmentforwomen

Foods That I will use during the fast include black coffee (with a bit of cinnamon), green tea, water with lemon and apple cider vinegar. Okay so apple cider vinegar tastes terrible in my world view, but has so many benefits that I just mix a bit of cinnamon, tumeric, and small amount of water, then shoot it.

Two things that are super important when doing the keto diet intermittent fasting weight loss with hypothyroidism approach:

  1. Make sure you get a lot of salt
  2. Make sure you drink sufficient water

Tools For Counting Macros

Personally writing things down in a journal helps me the most. I am planning to create a journal that can be printed out (or even ordered off Amazon) that can be used to record all of the pertinent information. For now I use a small spiral bound notepad to record my glucose levels, the food I plan to eat, my exercise, supplements I have taken, and how I slept. works for me when it comes to getting my macro information. So I record what I eat there but transfer the over all macros to my notebook for easy reference.

Ketone monitorKetone monitorSprial NotebookSprial NotebookVitamin D3 (5000 units)Vitamin D3 (5000 units)Super B ComplexSuper B ComplexORGANIC INDIA AshwagandhaORGANIC INDIA Ashwagandha

The Importance of Sleep For Weight Loss

While sleep constitutes one of the most important facets of weight loss, most people miss the significance entirely. Sleep is where the magic of weight loss really happens! Taking Vitamin D and a B complex as well as Ashwagandah to support your adrenals helps a lot in that department. Also having a sleep ritual where you read or listen to soft music helps your body prepare for sleep.

Join me? Are you trying to correct health issues in your life too? Pop on over to our facebook group after you grab your copy of the Keto Basics. Let’s work together to stop our thyroids from keeping us fat, sick and tired one more day!


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