Being a fifty something year old woman who has struggled with thyroid issues for my whole life, I’ve decided that now would be a good time to figure out how to stop the ravages of this problem and live a life of vitality not surrender.

Not being the kind of person who is big on going to doctors or taking a bunch of chemicals that are sure to cause other issues in my life, for the most part I’ve ignored the signals along the way that I need to change my life style if I want to continue to live a life that is enjoyed not endured.

I still have children at home that depend on me. Laying around and sleeping all of the time simply isn’t an option for me. Yes, I had most of my children (I have five of them) after I was 38 years old! My oldest and youngest are 21 years apart.

This is my family and why I must gain control of my health and life:

Thyroid Treatment for Women

For years I yo yo dieted, drank way too much alcohol, and didn’t pay much attention to the types of food I was eating, though because I can cook I have had the benefit of not eating a lot of processed food.

Because my blood pressure has always been on the low side, I never was concerned about heart disease. However, now that my hair is thinning (most of the hair on my arms and legs and eye brows is gone), my feet and hands are often ice cold, while the rest of my body is fine, I get weird little circular bruises under my arms, I have panic attacks usually in the middle of the night. I gain weight that doesn’t want to come off and I’ve started struggling with depression.

No, I haven’t had any blood tests done to confirm this diagnosis though I have done the basal temperature and pulse tests which confirm (at least for me) that I have issues. Remember, I don’t like to go to doctors unless something is visibly broken, bleeding profusely or has been chronic and my home remedies haven’t fixed it in a reasonable amount of time.

Having done a ton of research and recognizing that everything in your body is connected, I have set out to repair the damage done over the last half century and reclaim my life. Join me on this journey and discover things that perhaps will help you, too, over come the disabling effects of chronic hypothyroidism naturally and holistically.

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