Understanding how does the thyroid work constitutes the first step in fixing it. As I have mentioned many times in articles here, the thyroid does not function by itself. All of the bodies organs work together to keep you going. The biggest impact, in my opinion comes from the liver.

Dr. Berg explains in the mostly simplified video the major players and what you need to do to keep them happy.


The main organs you need to keep your thyroid working the way it should are:

  • the liver,
  • adrenals,
  • the ovaries
  • and the gallbladder.
If you are missing any of these you need to supplement. The liver and gallbladder work together to break down fat into usable particles. If you don’t have a gallbladder, though the bile will still move from the liver directly, you won’t get that big jolt when you eat fat. The bile instead of concentrating, drips continuously into your intestines.
how does the thyroid work? What can be done to fix it naturally and holistically?
In this video Dr. Eric Berg explains how the gallbladder works with the liver to break down the fat you eat.  Supplementing makes eating a keto diet possible even without a gallbladder. Over the last couple months I have lost over 20 pounds without being hungry, tired or depressed!
In the next couple weeks I will be sharing with you all how I have been able to adjust my diet to clear up my hypothyroidism symptoms. Understanding how does the thyroid work was the first step in gaining my health back. Even without a gallbladder!

Understanding how does the Thyroid Work By Supporting Your Liver

The Liver & Detoxification

The liver, an extremely complex organ, serves as the foundation in multiple immune and metabolic processes. If the liver doesn’t detoxifying optimally, it will be virtually impossible to have success with any disease including thyroid and hormone imbalances. Unfortunately, many patients are given hormones without a thorough analysis of their liver’s ability to metabolize hormones. This results in a build-up of unmetabolized hormones. Or incompletely metabolized hormones circulating in the blood- stream causing abnormal hormone responses. Partially metabolized hormones can bind to hormone receptor sites blocking normal hormones from binding. And can cause abnormal responses.

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Keys to liver detoxification

Nutrition, toxin exposure and genetics are all key factors in liver detoxification. Many patients put on hormones and have impaired liver detoxification systems. This results in a worsening of their condition. It can even cause cancer from excess estrogen. Many studies show that impaired liver detoxification leads to fatigue and autoimmune disease. These are both major factors in thyroid health. The majority of thyroid hormone converts into its active form in the liver.

Thyroid Health When The Liver Isn’t Functioning

Hypothyroidism arises when the liver doesn’t function optimally. Also important for balancing sex and adrenal hormones, the liver play a role in metabolizing hormones, It also works at detoxifying thyroid-disrupting chemicals. So, basically, detoxification means the conversion of fat-soluble compounds into water-soluble compounds that get eliminated from the body. Hormones are fat-soluble compounds.  Just like environmental toxins, drugs, pesticides, and allergy-causing complexes the body assimilates them

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Inflammation puts undue stress on the liver. Therefore, reduce inflammation by eating a ketogenic diet!

Insulin Resistance

Insulin resistance stresses the liver because it results in inefficient sugar-burning in the liver.  As a result, this leads to fatty acid production from the excess sugar. Resulting, over time, leading to fatty liver disease.

Leaky Gut

A leaky gut will put undue stress on the liver.  A constant flow of toxins passing through the gut barrier stresses the liver working on breaking down these compounds.

Bile Synthesis Support

Bile produced by the liver, breaks down fats in the intestine. It acts like a “detergent”  to carry toxins with it that are produced by the liver. Bile production and flow must be optimal for detoxification. Or at least supported properly so you can get the most out of the nutrition you are taking in.

Summary of Understanding How Does The Thyroid Work

One might wish the liver could be fixed overnight. It will take three years to replace all of the cells in your liver. So like smoking cigarettes and rebuilding your lungs, rebuilding  a damaged liver will take time. Good news though – healing happens!

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Ultimately when it comes to understanding how does the thyroid work. One needs to understand how it works with the other organs. Supporting and detoxing the liver results from eating the right types of food. I have found that the keto lifestyle works for me. Therefore, adding more fat into your diet and cutting out processed foods, soda, bread, rice, pasta and potatoes goes a long way towards detoxing your liver and supporting proper thyroid function.

The right exercise for hypothyroidism

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