In this Hypothyroidism Exercise Revolution Review, product created by Tom Brimeyer, we will be looking at what to expect from Hypothyroidism Exercise Revolution, is it really a natural way to lose weight even with hypothyroidism and are there limitation to the effectiveness of this program.

What Can You Expect From Hypothyroidism Exercise Revolution

You will receive a manual – either as an ebook or you can chose to order a physical book. The manual will be your main guide to getting the most out of the program.

In it  you will discover

  • The safe and effective way to lose weight with hypothyroidism and keep it off
  • Why eating less and exercising more does not work for those of us who suffer from hypothyroidism
  • Why cardio based exercises are bad, and can actually cause more damage to your thyroid
  • Why fad diets, like Atkins and Weight Watchers destine you for failure at loosing weight
  • The 5 best things to eat to facilitate weight loss
  • The secret of how to exercise with hypothyroidism to get the best weight loss results
  • The 4 must have nutrients in order to lose weight naturally
  • Which weight loss/work out drink you must have to get the best results


You will also receive four other manuals broken into

The proper stretches – Mobility warm ups. You need to get your muscles stretched out and limber before you start working them. These stretches will gently get your body moving.

The second manual is Phase 1 – These are beginning exercises designed to strengthen your muscles and lays the ground work for more strenuous exercises in the next phase. You will discover how to activate key muscle groups to maximize your fat burning not just during the exercise period, but also for a period of time when you are finished.

The third manual is Phase 2 – You will be focusing on building on and advancing your exercise foundation. You will accomplish this by focusing on exercises that will carry over into your day to day life. This helps your body to produce energy, be more efficient and burn fat all day.

The fourth manual is Phase 3 -In phase 3 you will be learning how to properly generate the energy you need in a way that protects your thyroid and promotes fat burning by using your bodies energy systems to get the most out of the foods  you eat.

Each of the phase manuals comes with two high definition videos along with a full color illustrations so that you can make sure you are doing the exercises in the proper way and if you are inclined you can exercise along with the videos.

As you may or may not realize at this point, I am not a quick fix magic pill kind of gal. Nor am I really inclined to starve myself and spend endless hours at the gym. What I am is an older woman with thyroid issues who recognizes that I have to get my thyroid under control with proper diet and exercise if I hope the have energy and a good outlook on life.

Bonus Manuals:

In addition to the exercise manual Tom Brimeyer adds two bonuses to get the maximum benefit from this program:

Bonus #1 – His Exercise Supplement Guide

Bonus #2 – His Secret to the Best and Most Inexpensive Exercise Equipment



If you have bought into the old mantra

Eat Less Work Out More

You (and I – because I used to believe that too) are actually damaging our metabolism, suppressing our thyroid, wasting healthy muscle tissue, damaging our organs and increasing our potential for broken bones!

What is the answer? I actually believe that the exercises and strategies laid out in Tom Brimeyer’s Hypothyroidism Exercise Revolution are a sound strategy for losing weight, feeling better and boosting our thyroids at the same time. Because people who suffer from hypothyroidism don’t store fuel correctly in their liver and muscles the way our bodies were designed to work, most exercises rob your body of what little fuel reserves we have and then we start down the damaging your metabolism and thyroid path again.

Eat less – Do more exercise just makes the whole situation worse!

Hypothyroid Exercise Revolution is designed to increase your energy levels and lose weight in a way that is both healthy and sustainable.

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