As we look at Hashimoto disease vs hypothyroidism  we need to first understand what defines each condition.


Hypothyroidism implies your thyroid doesn’t sufficiently produce thyroid hormones. The cause of this condition gets attributed in many cases to genetics. Meaning a thyroid problem was passed to you through the genes. Then again, it could be caused by severe deficiency of iron. This happens because iron requires iodine for its production. On the other hand, it can be brought by hypo- pituitary or a major damage to your head and neck, or the removal of the thyroid gland. It could also be the result of the radiation of the thyroid gland. The list of causes ranges on endlessly.

Causes of The Disease

  • Primary hypothyroidism implies that the problem originates in the organ.
  • Secondary hypothyroidism implies  an issue with the messaging to the thyroid gland through the TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) as it happens with hypo- pituitary.
  • Tertiary hypothyroidism comes about after the hypothalamus gland fails to release hormone TRH (Thyrotropin –releasing hormone), which is supposed to inform the pituitary gland to produce TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone). Which then messages the thyroid gland.


Hashimoto Disease

Hashimoto disease primarily manifests because of autoimmune system issue. The significance of this happens because your thyroid gland gets attacked by your confused immune system. In such a case, either the protein in your thyroid called thyroglobulin results in being attacked or peroxidase (thyroid enzyme) results in being attacked. Both of these cases can bring about thyroid cells death after some time. So you can sway between hyper manifestations because of the thyroid cells dumping into your blood and hypothyroid symptoms due to less thyroid. Another common manifestation for individuals includes enlarged thyroid nodules.d. Although non-cancerous, many people experience these who suffer from Hashimoto’s disease.

How Are Hashimoto Disease Vs Hypothyroidism Different

So more or less, Hypothyroidism characterizes a condition involving the thyroid gland working below par. And a slow metabolism too. Hashimoto on the other hand manifests as an immune system disease that can develop to bring about symptoms of hypothyroidism.

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You can think of these conditions as:

  • hypothyroidism is a problem with the thyroid function
  • while Hashimoto disease is a problem with the immune system.

Once more patients with Hashimoto disease vs Hypothyroidism seemed more prevelant.Yet, nowadays more patients with just hypothyroidism appears most common. A result possibly because of the quantity of toxins present in our food air and water. Not too mention less and less iodine in our soils. Which can affect the thyroid function negatively also. Anyway, we are seeing more patients just with hypothyroidism.

Similarity of Hashimoto Disease Vs Hypothyroidism

Swollen organs:

Although more common and pronounced with Hashimoto’s disease, a few patients without an indication of immune system compromise see their organ swell slightly. Indeed, even pregnancy can lead to this swelling because of an increase in the HGC  hormone.


Because an attack on the thyroid can lead to a reduction in the thyroid function, Hashimoto’s disease also leads to sluggishness. And low metabolism symptoms much the same way hypothyroidism does.


Both of these conditions are treated the same. In the past dissecated thyroid often served as the solution. However, now many now turn to food choices for the “cure”.

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Hashimoto Disease VS Hypothyroidism

Eventually, Hashimoto’s patients will realize an increase in either or both of their thyroid antibodies. A substantial group of patients with ‘a few’ antibodies below the range but do not have Hashimoto’s, or any of its symptoms .A large group of patients with Hashi’s must avoid gluten.  For the patients with hypothyroidism, consumption of foods with gluten causes no harm. These seem to manage the gluten levels though through the intake of moderate to low gluten levels in foods.

What Do Hashimoto Patients Experience?

Hashimoto patients are more vulnerable to inflammation compared to Hypothyroidism patients though both sides can have inflammation. Hashimoto patients have a tendency to have more recurrence and higher signs of inflammation. This happens because of the thyroid itself suffers from attack. Hypothyroidism patients may experience inflammation signs because of reduced metabolism or a higher triglyceride concentration. Because of this Hashimoto disease patients can find themselves at the onset of other immune system illnesses, particularly as they get older.

One Leads To The Other

These two conditions are related. In fact, many people with Hashimoto end up with Hypothyroid. The leading cause of hypothyroidism turns out to be Hashimoto disease. Although there are other causes.

Many of the symptoms of Hashimoto disease and hypothyroidism show improvement through diet. With a full 80% of the immune systems being located in our gut, support of immune systems must begin with food choices. The more pure and organic one can eat the better one who suffers from hypothyroidism and Hashimoto disease will feel.

On a personal note since choosing a low carb high fat diet  my experience includes weight loss, thickening of my hair and better sleep.  The depression/anxiety issues waned significantly too.

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