Until I started researching hypothyroidism, I never suspected that doing yoga could make such a difference in my life and health. However, there is quite a bit of sound science behind why it works. If you are not already doing a few of these exercises. You might want to consider adding them into your daily routine.

Yoga posses that can help your thyroid health.

As  you may or may not know the stress hormones, cortisol and adrenaline are instrumental in adding fat stores to your body. The object is to keep these hormones from wrecking havoc on your body. You can accomplish this by lowering the quantities and frequency these hormones are released.  The main “gain weight” hormone being insulin. Going Keto has helped me a lot in that area.

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There are some adaptogenic type herbal supplements you can take such as Ashwagandha and drinking Tulsi tea. Yet practicing yoga poses for thyroid problems turns out to be an easy way to lower stress in your life.


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Interestingly as little as 15 to 20 minutes relaxing into these exercises can have long lasting effects on your metabolism.

Here are 7 Yoga Poses for Thyroid Problems Specifically

Practicing these yoga poses for thyroid problems in conjunction with a walking routine could show significant results in helping you lose weight. Or at least not continue to keep gaining weight.

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Part of the problem with increased vigorous exercise is that it can increase the production of stress hormones. Which in turn messes with your thyroid hormone production. It is a vicious cycle really.

Tom Brimeyer discusses the effects of stress on your body;

With respect to your thyroid, the stress hormones (adrenaline and cortisol) that your body produces actually inhibit the conversion of your non-active thyroid hormone (T4) to your active thyroid hormone (T3). It also increases your production of a hormone called Reverse T3 (rT3). This blocks your body from properly using your thyroid hormone. Both of these effect cause hypothyroidism.

It is also worth noting that your body does this for a reason and it is not just to punish you. When under stress, your body naturally down regulates your thyroid. It does this because it cares about is conserving energy. Really it’s a survival mechanism. So that you can conserve enough energy to outlast the stress.

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Another problem with the stress hormone adrenaline is that it forces your body to increase the concentration of free fatty acids in your bloodstream. Most people have large concentrations of polyunsaturated fats in their fat cells. When these fats are forced into your bloodstream they block your thyroid hormone from reaching your cells. [you can learn more about Tom Brimeyer’s struggle with hypothyroidism here]

Basically you want to get exercise.

Not cause your body to see this exercise as a signal to send out the stress hormones to protect itself.

That is why yoga poses for thyroid problems is such a great solution! Exercise, breathing and relaxing all at one time.

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