One of the biggest problems those of us with hypothyroidism suffer from is insomnia. You go to bed at night but just can’t stay asleep; wake up at two, three or four in the morning, stay awake for an hour or two, wondering if you will ever fall back to sleep then around the time you need to be getting up, suddenly you are tired again, right?

For years I played that yo yo, no sleep game until I found some natural herbs that  help you sleep. One product in particular has helped where no others have. That is Dr Berg’s Sleep Aid. The secret has to do with the herbs he includes in this concoction.

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I’ve taken melatonin pills before…they did  nothing! For a long while I was just taking ibuprofen pm. Something, anything, so that I could get consistent hours of sleep because napping during the day just isn’t an option.

It has been several months now that I have been enjoying the benefits of Dr. Berg’s Sleep Aid. Even if I forget to take it before bed, when I wake  up I grab one of the capsules and am off to sleep soundly and naturally.

Other Natural Herbs That Help You Sleep

Insomnia is defined as difficulty in sleeping, or disturbed sleep patterns leaving the perception of insufficient sleep. There are many herbs with reputations as being effective sleep remedies. The key to successful treatment of insomnia is to find the cause. If you do not want to take prescription sleep medication, then there are a plethora of holistic medicines available to you. Especially if you have thyroid problems. When it comes to the question, can thyroid problems cause disrupted sleep, you will definitely want to read this article to make your own decision.

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The following are, a list of systems in the body that could be causing the disruption and possible remedies.

1. The circulatory system responds well to Motherwort, Lime Blossom and Balm.

2. The respiratory system responds well to all types of hypnotics, if used in the right dosage. Hypnotics are important to use as a muscle relaxant for the urinary system. Jamaican Dogwood, Valerian and Black Cohosh are excellent ingredients to relax the muscles and skeletal systems.

3. The digestive system relaxants to use are Chamomile, Vervain, Balm, Hops and Valerian.

4. Chamomile and Cowslip are healing herbs for the skin.


Some of the medications are classified in the following way:


Herbs with a reputation as easing the person into sleep. They are usually strong nervine relaxants. Nervine relaxants ease the tensions that often produce sleeplessness.


Address any somatic muscular tightness that may be involved. Nervine tonics are indicated if there is any suspicion that the insomnia is associated with nervous exhaustion.


These will help in a similar way to the nerve tonics, but should only be used in the morning to help deal with stress.

The value of hypnotics is to ensure that the body has a good recuperative rest each night. By selecting herbs that address specific health needs that are compounding the sleep difficulties, better results are obtained than simply going for strong hypnotic.

An example of an herbal prescription for insomnia would be the following:

For helping with Insomnia associated with hypertension and headaches:

* Passion Flower
* Valerian
* Linden
* Cramp Bark

7.5 ml of tincture 30 minutes before bedtime.

There are many herbal remedies suggested for curing insomnia naturally. You may have to try a few before you find the recipe that works best for you.

Of course there are essential oils that can help you sleep better too. Lavender oil, Orange oil and Roman Camomile oil all have a calming affect on the body. You can either apply the oil with a carrier oil like Almond oil or diffuse it into the room with a diffuser designed to disburse the aroma as an aerosol.


Nervine - Herbal RemedyNervine – Herbal RemedyAdaptogen-R3Adaptogen-R3Passionflower ExtractPassionflower ExtractValerinValerinLinden Flower TeaLinden Flower TeaChamomile TeaChamomile TeaCramp Bark ExtractCramp Bark ExtractMotherwort ExtractMotherwort ExtractLime Blossom TeaLime Blossom TeaSmallflower CowslipSmallflower Cowslip

NOTE! Always consult a qualified Herbalist for guidance about the correct herbs to use

Being on the other side of menopause, with its own set of symptoms that include trouble sleeping, finding natural herbs that help you sleep has been a life saver for me.

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