One of the benefits of flexible dieting, is that it allows you to eat just about anywhere. All you have to do is choose healthy foods that fit within your macros. It does tend to be a little easier than if you were on a diet restricting your calories or carbs to an extreme degree. The following tips offer you some insight on how to eat out successfully without going over your macros for the day.

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Know Where You Are Eating Out While Flexible Dieting

This is by far the best thing you can do when you are eating with friends while on the flexible dieting way of eating. If you know where you are going, you can check out their menu, and might even be able to track it so you stick right with your macros. Many chain restaurants will have their full menu online, and might even have the foods listed in your tracking app. Meal tracking apps like MyFitnessPal and FatSecret, already have it in there for you, but it helps to double-check on the restaurant’s website as well.

Know what you will get beforehand, then when you get to the restaurant, don’t bother looking at the rest of the menu or join in for appetizers with your friends. You already have your meal planned out, so there are far fewer temptations.

Eating out while flexible dieting can be a challenge. These tips make it a breeze to enjoy good food and still not stabatoge  your diet

Quick Tutorial about Eating Out While Flexible Dieting


Find the Healthy Section of the Menu

If you are having trouble deciding what to get, start with the healthy section of the menu. any restaurants have a “fit” or “light” section, where all the food options are lighter in fat, calories, and other nutrients than the rest of the menu. You will often find their healthiest salads, roasted chicken, grilled salmon, and healthier sides like quinoa, veggies, and brown rice. This is usually a safer bet, even when you can’t track while at the restaurant.

Don’t Make Your Meal Complicated

It is a common mistake people make while on a new diet and eating out. You don’t need to get fancy and choose a meal that requires tracking for 20 minutes just to get it right. If you stick to the basics, it will be easy enough. For example, choose a meal with grilled chicken, brown rice, and steamed veggies. This most likely comes close to the healthy macros you want. Don’t bother with the chicken dishes with fancy sauces and other sides you aren’t completely familiar with, as it makes tracking a lot more difficult.

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Do the Guesswork if Needed

When all else fails, you might need to guess what the right option is. Here are some basic tips for guessing and choosing the best option:

  • Get a salad with plenty of protein, and choose dressing on the side
  • Get your fish or chicken grilled instead of breaded
  • Skip the fries and ask for veggies instead
  • Be wary of sauces on your food


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