For years I wondered can thyroid problems cause sleep problems. The quick answer is yes! However, understanding how your metabolism works in conjunction with your thyroid will help you solve this problem.

Not too sure why but for some reason I was looking at individual organs as though they weren’t connected. One day my brain was like, HELLO, we all work together in here. What you eat affects how you sleep. How you sleep affects how you feel. When we get these bits all tangled up we start to have big problems.

Discover the surprising solution to the question can thyroid problems cause sleep problems

The great aha moment came for me as I started investigating a low carb high fat diet with hypothyroidism. The longer I have been doing this the more revelations I get. Possibly because I have been devouring doctor videos talking about the benefits of a low carb high fat diet.

What We Have Been Taught For Decades About Diet Is WRONG!

While listening to Dr. Stasha Gominak the answer to the can thyroid problems cause sleep problems became clear.


Dr. Gominak goes into the whole metabolic process as it connects to sleep deprivation. She has some surprising revelations about how vitamin D works in our bodies along with how the gut functions. The bottom line is if you aren’t sleeping you aren’t healing. However the good news is that the brain remembers what it needs to repair for the next time it has sufficient materials and REM sleep to accomplish those repairs.

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Yes Your Thyroid Does Need Carbohydrates

But it doesn’t need them from junk food! Your thyroid needs carbohydrates, like your brain in order to facilitate metabolism. Surprisingly enough, you don’t need to get carbohydrates from vegetables, or fruit or grains. Your body will convert protein to carbohydrates.

Limit Sugar: Eating too much protein on a low carb diet plan will cause the liver to convert the amino acids found in protein into sugar, which can feed systemic infections in the body. Improve Digestion: The body requires a large amount of energy to digest animal-based proteins.Low Carb Dieters

This is a great video to watch if you are thinking that you might want to implement a keto diet to fix your thyroid and sleep better! Keto is not a one size fits all diet. Everyone needs to tailor it to fit their own lifestyle. However, if you are determined to improve your health, including your thyroid, I encourage you to learn all you can about the benefits. Come join us on Facebook at LazyKetoGirl. We are active and helpful 🙂


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